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    Name / Alias: Marcus / cusz / ahli / Niju

    Country of Origin:Denmark


    Main Character Name: Níju – Draenor
    Main Character Class: Monk

    Main Specialization: Windwalker
    Off Specialization: Brewmaster

    Screenshot of your UI: I use atrocity UI

    Warcraft Logs Link: (I have played many classes because we needed different buffs and stuff – so I swapped for the team)

    Previous PvE Experience: I have raided with my cousin back in black temple, quit wow and played casually again throughout MOP – started raiding HC at the end of MOP, then heroic in warlords of draenor – guild crashed and I took a break. Joined a Danish guild in BFA and we cleared full hc Nyalotha, half of mythic. Start shadowlands I was an officer in the guild and we wanted to try more mythic and went 7/10 CN, 9/10 Sanctum. Then the guild leader decided to end the guild so that was that. Since then I have been doing m+ with some of the players from the guild, and now I really wanna raid again.

    History of Previous Guilds: Dont remember BC guild name, Valar Morghulis, Team Morfar (hopefully Violent Circus next)

    Why did you leave them?: I have never left a guild, they disbanded each time.

    How did you find out about Violent Circus?: Searched for a fitting guild on wowprogress and saw your guild, just really liked what you wrote about mature players that knows what they are doing and having fun progressing together!

    Why do you think this guild is fit for you and what are your expectations from us?: Because your raid times suit me really well: You seem like a mature and chill guild with players that can deal with mechanics and bring good skill along with a good attitude.

    What can you bring to the team?: I would like to contribute even more of what your guild has and add to it – a skilled mature player, that knows fights beforehand and knows my class in and out. Has a chill attitude and just want to down bosses and have fun while doing it.

    Availability(How often are you available, etc.): I usually play every day or close to, the raid times will be 100% attendance and if someone wanna do m+ I am always down!

    Anything else you would like to add?: I realize there might be better applicants from players who has raided nonstop since X expansion. But I think I would be valuable to your guild and I know I am good enough to play with you guys – and I would enjoy playing with you, and I think you would enjoy having me! :)

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    Hi Marcus, sorry for no respond so far – we were quite busy.
    Thanks for your application, you seem like a nice guy but right now we can’t offer you a spot, you are not as experienced as we would’ve liked it and we are not looking for a WW specific right now.

    Good luck in finding a suitable guild!

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