Violent Circus is an established semi-hardcore raiding guild on Defias Brotherhood (Alliance). Historically, we’ve been a guild that’s raided competitively among the other guilds on Defias Brotherhood, matching or even surpassing them during progress despite raiding considerably less. Our raid roster has only ever grown over the years with the addition of increasingly competent players who also share our vision for what we want our guild to be, allowing us not only to push our progress continuously as each raid tier passes, but also to create a community that we can all call home.


With the impending arrival of Shadowlands, we are looking to better ourselves even further and see how much progress really is attainable with raiding on a two days a week schedule. We aim to be one of the best two days a week raiding guilds, whilst retaining our warm and friendly community. We understand that there will more than likely be challenges, the game would not feel rewarding without, but we will face them together, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that we stay at the top of our game.


Community is at our core, and is something that we focus on heavily. Our guild is like family to us all, we care deeply about it and so we look to recruit like-minded people over those who are explicitly focused on gameplay (although that is of course very important to us too), but not on other aspects that would make them a good fit for us.

Most of us have jobs, families and partners whom we enjoy spending time with, which is why we ensure that every single raider is on the ball during every single raid night. We do this by preparing thoroughly for the fights to come, by making sure all our team is on the same page and by setting clear and achievable expectations. At the same time we understand making mistakes is part of learning and whenever they occur, we discuss them and make sure we overcome them. The secret for our success in the past has been a combination of highly competent players, a mature mindset focused on quality rather than quantity and mutual respect, topped with a deep love for our guild.


Our officers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and we all have vast experience playing the game and leading the guild. The officer team has proven to be very effective with time management and coordination, raid-leading, recruiting, building up the community over the years and has played a key role in maintaining a high level of progress for the guild despite our reduced raiding time.

We have a rather flat structure within our guild, where everyone can come with ideas about how to improve, we pay attention to our raiders and cherish their input and we try to be as inclusive as possible without hurting our effectiveness, whenever we make decisions. This being said, we will always prioritize the good of the guild as a whole over anything else. Our philosophy when it comes to leading the guild is that we try to lead by example and inspire our raiders rather than setting demands we cannot live up to ourselves.