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    Name / Alias: Mats

    Country of Origin: Norway

    Age: 36

    Main Character Name: Novareaper
    Main Character Class: Paladin

    Main Specialization: Retribution
    Off Specialization: Holy

    Screenshot of your UI:

    Warcraft Logs Link:

    Previous PvE Experience: Started raiding in Wotlk with ICC, and all the way from then and to mid Warlords it was varying normal/HC raiding. My more hardcore approach started with Hellfire Citadel so since then I got CE in HFC, Emerald Nightmare (LOL), Trial of Valor, Tomb, Antorus, Uldir, Nathria and Sanctum of domination, the raids in between has seen varying mythic kills. Currently sitting at 6/8M in Vault and have been doing some relaxed raiding with some old Friends.

    History of Previous Guilds: Started my Semi Hardcore raiding in VII on emerald dream and HFC. then raided with my current guild (Exiled – Azuremyst) for Emerald nightmare and ToV and some Nighthold. After that I moved back to my old friends on Emerald dream and raided with them for Tomb and Antorus. did theese 2 raids in Headhunters.

    After that i moved to the big City (Silvermoon) and raided with Four oh Four to clear Uldir with them. following that it was a trip back to Exiled on Azuremyst for some casual raiding until end of BfA when I moved back to Silvermoon and raided with Retro for Nathria and Sanctum.

    Why did you leave them?: I actually haven’t left any of the guilds :-) I still got chars in Retro, headhunters and Exiled, and i got the VII people on my friendslist and wave to them when camping rares occasionally. Four oh Four was abandonded after Uldir, but have chatted with their GM a few times since then. I got friends in theese guilds and like doing things and dungeons with them.

    How did you find out about Violent Circus?: Wowprogress, typed in my search parameters wich was Alliance / 1-2 raids a week / lf paladin and you appeared right on top!

    Why do you think this guild is fit for you and what are your expectations from us?: Wowprogress thinks its a good fit, but to be serious after raiding in Retro I learned to really appreciate raiding 6 hours a week, and I understand that it requires a decent chunk of outside work and prep to be extremly effective with the 6 hours we are given. You mention a lot in the guild info about finding a home and thats what im after i guess. It seems to me atleast that the guild contains people with the same mindset as i got.

    What can you bring to the team?: Capable damage and stable performance (including tech and internet) Also got gold for gamba if you do that during breaks. Since I main retribution I guess I bring that buff, and the ability to soak mechanics and all the other basic things. I can also come with suggestions to tactics when i see its applicable. and i consider myself versatile and can do any tasks on a boss (bossfocus, addpadding, eggs, buttons, kiting etc)

    Availability(How often are you available, etc.): All weekdays. could also do Sunday evenings but i like having the weekends free for other stuff. Since I work from home im usually online during daytime aswell, but its mostly fishing/herbing or camping rares.

    Anything else you would like to add?: This was all written by myself and is not AI generated!
    I also play FF14 quite abit as well as RPGs and will most likely grind a bit of D4 when it launches. Looking forward to a chat to delve deeper into all theese topics. Have a nice day :-)

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    Hey Mats, thanks very much for your application!
    It would be great to have a chat on Discord when you have a moment. Please add me: Kagemoth#6651 :)

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    As discussed in Discord, welcome aboard!

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