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    Name / Alias: James

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Age: 33

    Main Character Name: Mistyhots
    Main Character Class: Druid

    Main Specialization: Restoration
    Off Specialization: Balance

    Screenshot of your UI:

    Warcraft Logs Link:
    (previously Resto shaman – logs based on last long term progress guild) (HC)

    Previous PvE Experience: I have been raiding in World of Warcraft since 2005 and vanilla where I was roughly 15 years old and fell in love with the game when I went to buy Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2 and woolworths didn’t have it in stock, best thing to ever happen to me in gaming. I quickly hit max level and joined a 5 day per week raiding guild called The Dominion – Aggramar when they were in the middle of BWL progress and cleared all the way to Thaddius in Naxxramas 40, that was playing the same druid I am applying on here today.

    I then joined a guild in TBC called The Obsidian order where we cleared until Felmyst in Sunwell as well as clearing ZA for the bear runs each week but I understand this information is all well out of date and the game has changed substantially since this point.

    In WOTLK I played mainly Holy Paladin and Combat rogue in a guild called deeprun pest control where I cleared all current content including LK25 HC, though, I still don’t have the mount.

    In Cataclysm I moved over to my restoration shaman and killed Ragnaros HC 10 man until joining a 25 man guild and clearing Dragon Soul in a top 500 guild.

    WOD I managed CE Archimonde and briefly rejoined The Dominion (they reformed for the first time in years and brought the band back together). This was mainly for Blackrock Foundry where we cleared a few bosses on mythic but it was a clown fiesta lmao. Most players quickly moved on to other games who I still stay in touch with.

    In more recent expansions I have achieved multiple cutting edge and occasionally narrowly missed out due to previously being on a lower population realm, This includes N’zoth whilst raiding in a guild called Merry Graverobbers but due to starting the expansion shadowlands 2 weeks late, they had already recruited a new healer for the tier and I decided that due to some work commitments I would not push to find a new guild and just PUG (worst decision ever).

    I did manage to clear 5/11M SOD in this way and push fairly high in Mythic+ but it is not the optimal way to play the game and I really am looking for a long term home to make friends, chat on discord and run content together. Aside from that I will bring a positive attitude, I aren’t arriving thinking I know EVERYTHING and happy to take feedback and become a better player whilst surrounding myself with better players.

    What I can do is show up prepared as you would expect. I have been dedicated to WoW raiding for half my life so I know how to show up with consumables and having watched guides on the bosses. I also enjoy discussing optimal strategies and mainly with a healing team you can learn each others patterns of behaviour in healing a fight which helps massively in the longrun.

    History of Previous Guilds: As Above, Sorry I got carried away!

    Why did you leave them?: Multiple disbands. A few breaks due to IRL commitments, a few guilds I joined and left very quickly due to lack of activity, false advertising, lack of effort from other members, mismatch in ambition.

    How did you find out about Violent Circus?: A member reached out to me after seeing my post on wowprogress.

    Why do you think this guild is fit for you and what are your expectations from us?: I think the guild would be a great fit for me and hopefully vice versa. I enjoy the idea of a friendly but focused raid environment where the aim is to clear as far as possible each tier. Aside from that I am online most evenings to run keys, farm transmogs and mounts and chat on discord to get to know everybody better.

    I have played multiple classes usually healer but DPS also usually in the 90+ percentile on logs which I’m sure I can get back to after shaking off a bit of raid rust.

    What can you bring to the team?: Reliability, willingness to improve, friendly and encouraging player, online frequently to help alts and anything in the way of progression for example helping players farm trinkets from certain dungeons, passing on items that benefit the raid, contributing to the guild bank with materials for flasks/potions, share class knowledge with others.

    Availability(How often are you available, etc.):

    Anything else you would like to add?: Thank you for taking the time to read my application. It is very scatterbrain but it is hard to recall every moment of 17/18 years playing the game. Happy to answer any questions and hope to hear back from you shortly! Until then smash the progress :)

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    Hi James, thanks for your application!

    We’ll discuss it and will come back to you as soon as possible!

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    Hey James, sorry for the long wait!
    I added you on Discord, let’s chat over there! :)

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    Everything was done via voice, welcome aboard!

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