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    Name / Alias: David.

    Country of Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Age: 32.

    Main Character Name: Heallyx.
    Main Character Class: Priest.

    Main Specialization: Discipline.
    Off Specialization: Holy and Shadow.

    Screenshot of your UI:

    Warcraft Logs Link:

    Previous PvE Experience:
    – WotLK: I played on a private server. Started my WoW journey in 3.3.5a in ICC. Downed it on Normal nad Heroic 10man.
    – Mists of Pandaria: SoO Curve. Didnt get CE since it was my first Retail experience.
    – Warlods of Draenor: Highmaul CE, Blackrock Foundary 8/10M (guild fell apart on Furnace); Hellfire Citadel CE.
    – Legion: Emerald Nightmade CE; The Nighthold Curve; Antorus Curve.
    – BfA: Didnt play in Uldir and BoD; Eternal Palace 7/8M; Nyalotha CE.
    – Shadowlands: Castle Nathria 8/10M (guild fell apart on Stone Legion); Sanctum CE, Sepulcher 10/11M (guild took a break on Jailer).
    – Dragonflight: Vault CE; Aberrus Curve (casual play); Amirdrasill 7/9M.

    History of Previous Guilds:
    – The Lethal Party in Vault of the Incarnates.
    – Calm Before the Storm in Vault of the Incarnates.
    – monkaPickle in Aberrus.
    – PugChamp in Amirdrassil.
    – Revel in Amirdrassil.

    Why did you leave them?:
    – The Lethal Party: I got recruited in Shadowlands for upcoming Dragonflight. I got removed from the guild, in 1st week of expansion, because I did “put enought effort into my toon for myhthic progression”. I was blown away by it honestly…
    – Calm Before the Storm: I got CE with them in Vault. Reason was that I started getting more work and that caused my delays and not being able to make it on time. Hence we parted on good terms. Was a good community!
    – monkaPickle: This is my friends guild and he allowed me to stay during Aberrus. I did Normal/Heroic runs with his guild.
    – PugChamp: They recruited me before Amirdrassil as their main healer. I only did 2 Normal runs with them. They didnt invite me to Heroic nor Mythic once for 5 weeks. Nobody said anything when asked. Hence I left.
    – Revel: Started my Mythic prog on Smolderon with them though they raided for 4 hours per night which took a toll on me. Managed to kill Tyndral but my performance was awful due to PC being unable to handle all the things at once. Was replaced instantly on Fyrakk, which was more than fair.

    How did you find out about Violent Circus?:

    Why do you think this guild is fit for you and what are your expectations from us?:
    Was drawn by this sentence ” if you want a place to call home again, after years of wandering around the world (of Warcraft) never quite fitting in anywhere and sometimes doubting good guilds like there used to be in the old days still exist, look no more . We can be all that and more for you.”
    Im looking for a guild thats going to look at me as their member, not a come and go chad thats here for loots, mounts and logs and then he leaves. No I dont want that, I’m looking to stay on a long term. I’ve had 3 situations in this expansion where people would invite me to the guild, use me like a condom and discard me. Like wtf…
    This guild gives me hope it might be different this time!
    As for expectations I would like to prove my worth stedily. I want you to know that I can bear my own wight, even though my logs sometimes show otherwise!
    I like to progress, not a big fan of reclears unless I have to. Doesnt matter if I have to be your 5th healer. As long as you give me a chance to get CE in the current tier, im fine.

    What can you bring to the team?:
    Can bring a versatile priest player. Mainly healer, ngl, I’ve been a healer for past 10 years and I havent changed my priest main. Can bring a team player, one that does the job no matter what. Chad to ask stupid, obvious questions to ensure I’m doing things right and to improve my overall performance. I’m a introvert, so I dont speak a lot, but Im vocal when it comes to part of the job/assignment. I can play RDruid at almost the same level as my priest (its been my main alt ever since ICC)! I dont have to be your main choice, im fine with that.

    Availability(How often are you available, etc.):
    My family does arable farming business. I tend to do, sometimes, long hours and it does affect my availability from time to time. I can announce it in advance almost 7 days ahead.

    Anything else you would like to add?:
    I recently became a parent, just so you know. I dont want to hide anything that would hinder your judgement and expectations of me.

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    Hi David,

    Thanks for the application. We will review it internally and get back to you in the next day or so!

    Cheers, Andy.

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    Hi David,

    After reviewing your application we do not feel like we would be the right fit for each other, and have decided to decline your application.

    All the best finding a guild, and good luck in TWW!

    Cheers, Andy.

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