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    Name / Alias: Nyrde

    Country of Origin: Norway

    Age: 24

    Main Character Name: Nyrde, Nyrfe, Nyrdie
    Main Character Class: I want to play Evoker in DF. I know that in their current state, they might be benched for certain fights, so I will keep a Restoration Shaman or Restoration Druid as backup, whichever fits better into your Roster.

    Main Specialization: Preservation
    Off Specialization: Devastation

    Screenshot of your UI:
    I plan on trying to use more of the default UI next expansion. I really like it and I wanted to move away from ElvUI in general. It will probably look similar, but different visuals.

    Warcraft Logs Link:

    Eternal Palace:

    The character I played that tier somehow broke on warcraftlogs, but you can see it on the guild still, so I will show that instead. Its Nyrde-Draenor.

    Castle Nathria:

    Sanctum of Domination:

    Sepulcher of the First Ones:


    Previous PvE Experience:
    I have gotten at least CE from BfA onwards except for BoD and CoS, where my guild disbanded and I took a break instead, since I raided on Alliance and finding a guild was borderline impossible as a newly rerolled healer.
    Before Uldir I played the game very casually, I got a few mythic kills, but never anything worth mentioning.
    Started playing in WoTLK and stopped just before Cata came out. I came back at the end of WoD where the big content drought was happening and played ever since (with the exception of the break I took around BoD and CoS).

    Uldir WR 1052
    I played Druid this tier, all specs besides Bear. I played Feral on ST bosses besides Fetid, Resto on Vectis and a little when one of our healers was sick/missing. Balance on the rest. This was the tier when I realised I wanted to go deeper into Resto because I really enjoyed healing. I wasnt any good at it though.

    Eternal Palace WR 978
    Eternal Palace, I finally gave up on staying Alliance and played Horde, found a guild almost instantly (Emerald Omen-Stormscale) and played with them until they killed Orgozoa. I left them because I wasn’t that comfortable in their guild and someone from a slightly better guild approached me to join them instead. I killed the rest of the bosses with Mana Curve-Kazzak. I offered to play Balance on Queen since it was a 3 heal fight.
    I regret joining Mana Curve deeply after being poached by them, since they turned out highly discriminatory towards women aswell as just bullying me every raid. I left them after the tier.

    Nyalotha WR 1151
    I struggled finding a healer spot this tier, so I rerolled to the easiest DPS that performed well, which was BM hunter. I was really sad not to be able to play healer this tier, but I really wanted to raid, so I took the hit.
    I ended up leaving my guild after the tier, since I really wanted to heal again, but they did not have a healing spot for me. I was really sad to leave them, since they are great people, and some of them I still talk to nowadays.

    CN WR 1399
    I joined Extra-Draenor for this tier so I could go back to healing. They had serious roster issues about halfway into CN where they had to cancel raids and almost disbanded. They did end up kind of stabilizing and finished the tier. I started to try to heal more when healing was required instead of just padding, so I started to catweave/ just do damage in raids. It was a very experimental phase of mine.

    SoD WR 1112
    Also done with Extra-Draenor since they didnt end up disbanding, even though they had Roster issues before and during this tier.
    I rerolled Hpal halfway through this tier, since the guild asked me to.

    SoF WR 404 Alliance Hall of Fame
    Sepulcher was a bit of a mess regarding guilds, so I want to mention it here. After Extra-Draenor disbanded I joined a rebuilding guild, where I knew one of the raiders: FTA-Draenor
    They were really enjoyable to raid with and I killed up to Anduin with them. I had about 200 tries of Anduin progress with them.
    Beware of Yeti-Draenor required a new healer, so I joined them again, since I remembered them being nice and fun to be around. They just started Anduin when I joined, so I did another 300 pulls with them. They did not kill it and I left them due to some of the guildmembers being very unwelcoming of me, I did not want to cause any harm to the guild, so I thought it was for the best to leave. Since FTA-Draenor had decent WR for the earlier Kills I tried to join a similar guild, which ended up bringing me to Welcome-ArgentDawn.
    I killed the rest of the tier with them. I was playing Hpal with these guilds, which I am rather tired of by now.

    I have to say, my performance in HPS was very poor this tier. While I do not want to defend my clear underperformance, I do want to add that the Healers in Welcome were great and since I care much less about HPS parses than they did, I let them pad as much as possible especially in Fated.

    Fated stuff
    Never killed much, was told by the guilds officers this was supposed to be a “break” so I treated it as such.
    Started to play Resto Shaman which is very enjoyable.

    History of Previous Guilds:
    Heroic Strike-Outland
    Emerald Omen-Stormscale
    Mana Curve-Kazzak
    Beware of Yeti-Draenor

    Why did you leave them?:
    Heroic Strike-Outland disbanded after their first Raid Tier.
    Emerald Omen-Stormscale I left them because I wasn’t that comfortable in their guild and someone from a slightly better guild approached me to join them instead.
    Mana Curve-Kazzak turned out to be discriminatory towards women. They also bullied me every Raid.
    Beware of Yeti-Draenor I left the first time since I wanted to heal again after having to sit a tier as DPS. The second time I left due to me and some of the newer Core members not getting along. I did not want their community to get harmed due to me.
    Extra-Draenor disbanded.
    FTA-Draenor disbanded.
    Welcome-ArgentDawn is the guild I want to leave now. They are great people and I made plenty of friends in there, but I do not feel welcome at all. Most of the Officer Team made me feel like I am worthless and do not belong anywhere. That I am a burden they are carrying. I randomly get yelled at by the Raidleader outside of raid times, about how shit I am and undeserving of them.
    It was hinted by one of the Officers to me that he might be treating me badly because I am a woman.

    How did you find out about Violent Circus?:
    I was looking for Alliance guilds on wowprogress and came across yours, especially since we are at similar World Ranks!
    Why do you think this guild is fit for you and what are your expectations from us?:
    You guys seem like awesome and nice people on top of being dedicated players. I want to grow and learn how to play much better than I do right now. I want to be a part of the Team, growing together and helping each other to improve each time we play. Through reading your wowprogress it seems like you can offer me all this and more. I will offer you a very dedicated and motivated raider in return!
    What can you bring to the team?:
    A very motivated and dedicated Healer, who will do whatever is nessecary for the Team. I am overly excited about things, so I put most of my energy into the game and becoming good at it. However, I have also been told that my company is really nice.
    Availability(How often are you available, etc.):
    Always, besides on Christmas. If there ever is something coming up, you will know about a week in advance.
    Anything else you would like to add?:
    If you arent convinced yet, I can give you details of my former Healing Officer, who would gladly be my reference! :)

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    Hi Nyrde,

    Thanks for your application, we appreciate the effort and detail that clearly went into making it.

    Upon discussion, we have decided to decline your application. We do not feel you quite have the experience we are looking for, and additionally we are not currently looking to recruit Evokers. We have existing, long-standing players in the team that have expressed interest in playing Evoker and we do not feel it would be fair to them to take that oppurtunity away for a new recruit.

    We wish you the best of luck in your search for a guild!

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