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    Name / Alias:

    Country of Origin:


    Main Character Name:
    Main Character Class:

    Main Specialization:
    Fury/Arms DD
    Off Specialization:

    Screenshot of your UI:

    Warcraft Logs Link: current VoI

    BFA logs (this was after progression was done)

    My early legion logs are lost and Fang did private logging so cant show my biggest flex.

    Previous PvE Experience and history of Previous Guilds:
    Started to raid as a young Mitch in tbc all the way till draenor i was a pleb kinda i still cleared most of the content tho. When legion came out decided to take raiding more seriously for the first time ever and that really worked out well. I started in a random guild made from scrap (Pixelated-outland alliance playing on a warrior called Harassment) and we manage to clear EN in top 1000.

    I loved the more serious raiding environment so much that i started to look for a better guild. Then Fang-kazzak came on my path i had to think twice because i really wanted to raid on a higher level but it was a 4 day raiding guild. Eventually decided to go and became Mjey-Kazzak. I raided whole legion with them and my first real fresh tier with them was Nighthold we made world 96 it was my best tier ever. At the end of legion i really started to struggle with the 4 day raiding and the results we had. It was to much for me especially when you see 2 day raiding guild putting in half the hours and make the same or even better progress. I tried to reach out to the leaders because Fang was my new home and discuss if it was possible for me to mayby skip a tier or be more like a reserve kinda guy but this was no option i kinda felt enforced to keep playing and ended up leaving. They disliked my decision and removed most of my open logs, we private logged mythic anyway. But the ones the where open with all the control they had made it private or removed it. It didnt bother me to much back then because i was burned out so much.

    Ever since im not really been in a guild of the same level i joined few here and there that where below the level what i was used to and it got boring pretty quick. Begin of uldir i did 6/8(can’t even remember the guild) i skipped whole BoD. Did 4/8 EP and like 4 week progress on Ashvane with a dutch guild Blood Promise-TarrenMill. I decided that was also not the guild i was looking for. BFA overall was a trash expansion.
    Eventually came back and did 12/12 Ny’alotha with the guild Persistence.

    Currently hopped a few guilds can’t find the right guild for me yet its either that they dont get stuff done in the days we raid or they gonna switch to 3 day raiding wich is a nono for me. I wanna raid but i got other stuff to do aswell. 2 days is my limit. Currently 6/8 VoI and about to kill Broodkeeper with Cutting Bread after that i will be progressing Raz with them this tier they will stay 2days. In progression weeks i dont mind an extra days.

    Why did you leave them?: All of these guilds didnt really have something going on outside of raiding wich made me lose interest to come back every tier. Ever since Pixalated ive been looking for that kinda gaming environment. I hope i can find that again with you guys. Imo leaving Pixelated for Fang was a double edged sword i gained alot of expierence but lost the fun in raiding with a team.

    How did you find out about Violent Circus?: Wowprogress

    Why do you think this guild is fit for you and what are your expectations from us?: The days and times suit me well besides that this made me really interested “Bottomline, if you want a place to call home again, after years of wandering around the world (of Warcraft) never quite fitting in anywhere and sometimes doubting good guilds like there used to be in the old days still exist, look no more . We can be all that and more for you.”

    This is exactly what ive been looking for in all these years.

    What can you bring to the team?: A strong progressive player that learns and adapts quick. A player that doesnt mind to bump his heads into bosses for hours and still stay calm and positive. Ive been doing this for years and also al these years ive been playing Warrior. I think its safe for me to say that i can play my class to full potentional in the right team. This goes for all specs. I dont mind being benched either :). Also outside raiding i do alot of effort to keep my character updated in current content.

    Availability(How often are you available, etc.): 100% attendance is no problem for me unless really important irl stuff happens wich is very rare.

    Anything else you would like to add?: Yes, currently Horde i dont mind transferring etc. But since cross faction guilds are comming this is also a option. But what ever suits you guys im flexible.

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    Hey Mitch,

    Thank you for showing an interest to our guild.
    We’ll discuss internally and get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Hello Mitch,
    We would like to have a voice chat with you. Could you please add me on discord? Xethi#7709

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    Hey, sure ive added you on discord

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