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    Name / Alias: Greg

    Country of Origin: England

    Age: 32

    Main Character Name: Spralla-TarrenMill
    Main Character Class: Paladin but with TWW coming up I am looking at potentially DK but can flex to pretty much anything.

    Main Specialization: Retribution
    Off Specialization: Holy if pushed.

    Screenshot of your UI:

    Warcraft Logs Link: Current Previous Tier
    With regards to my logs. I spent the whole of Amirdrassil without Fyralath which was incredibly sad(as any strength melee could appreciate). My guild also has a serious propensity for killing a boss with 1-4 people alive and then never killing it again so they aren’t incredible. Heroic/Normal should hopefully show I know what buttons to press.

    Previous PvE Experience:
    I’ve been raiding on and off since Vanilla on multiple classes as dps and healer. Taken a couple of breaks in between when life gets in the way. I don’t want to write an essay so will list off notable experience.
    TBC – Gruuls through to Mount Hyjal then took a break for exams.
    WotLK – Naxx through to ICC 10/12HC25
    Cataclysm – BH/BoT then took a hiatus from WoW till Legion.
    Legion – EN Mythic, NH(CE) as Frost Mage, ToS till Fallen Avatar as Resto Shaman/Holy Paladin, Antorus CE Raidleading Mythic Argus as Holy Pala
    Bfa – Uldir(CE) as Affliction Warlock then went and became a mess in Classic speedrunning like a degenerate over Covid.
    Shadowlands – Played CN with friends and was then convinced to come back for Dragonflight to help get CE.
    Dragonflight – Playing with friends again. Vault 3/9M as Pres Evoker(Was just brought in as cover as not raiding), Aberrus 4/9M as Frost Mage then decided to renovate a house so couldn’t raid. Amirdrassil 7/9M as Ret then the guild took a break.

    History of Previous Guilds:
    Played throughout DF in Arrival – Tarren Mill, Previously in Merry Graverobbers – Stormreaver for the majority of my CE experience. All the other guilds are long gone.

    Why did you leave them?:
    I’m still in Arrival as I’ve mentioned its mainly due to having friends there. I took on an officer role at the start of Amirdrassil in the hope of providing some actual guild management/raid management experience but it’s been too difficult of a task as recruiting is a nightmare without any real history to back it up. Most of the friends are looking at leaving/quitting so it feels like a good time to find somewhere that is more competitive and on a similar level. I left Merry Graverobbers as Classic was too big a draw!

    How did you find out about Violent Circus?:
    Usual channels of wowprogress/raiderio searches.

    Why do you think this guild is fit for you and what are your expectations from us?:
    The draw of a two day raiding guild with what appears to be a solid core of people at – from what i’ve read – quite similar stages in life. I just want to be around people that will similarly respect the 6 hours of time I devote a week to raiding as I do myself. A strong officer team that gives confidence so I can just be a “normal” raider for once in my life.

    What can you bring to the team?
    I’ve been playing this game on and off for such a long time now that there isn’t really anything that feels “new” when it comes to raiding. I can usually figure out most boss mechanics and timings within the first 5-10 pulls which then allows me to optimise my own play and help others if necessary.

    Will do plenty of research prior to a new tier/boss from PTR kill vids. Will always be skulking around the class discord just trying to find any kind of edge that somebody has found. Also have quite a knack for log reviews and comparisons. I also quite often stream for further video review and could’ve provided video evidence of my gameface if the stream summarys werent too old :(

    I tend to only really play one character at a time so all my effort is focused into one as opposed to split meaning I tend to minmax the character quite quickly. This can sometimes be negative as if an encounter requires x of a certain class then there isn’t an option for it but this hasn’t really impacted myself too much.

    I’ve raid led and been an officer/gm for a long time over the years so can appreciate it from the other side.

    On a personal note I’m generally quite talkative outside of raids on voice. Will happily engage in whatever conversation is happening at the time. During raids I go by the basis of only say something if its important or mechanical unless specifically asked.

    Availability(How often are you available, etc.):
    Sundays and Mondays aren’t an issue as far as I can see the usual raid days. I do play Rugby and have evening training on Tuesdays/Thursdays during the league season so may have to miss the occasional raid if completely necessary.

    Anything else you would like to add?:
    As I said before I’m not pigeonholed into a class or even role. I’m more trying to find a guild that’s on the same page for TWW as opposed to slotting my ret paladin in. I can dps or heal to a high standard but would prefer the less stressful life of a dps. There are a few classes that I don’t like thematically but that’s about it.

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