We’ve been doing some soul searching while looking at Shadowlands, and we miss Violent Circus, playing the game and having something to strive towards.

But what made the game extra fun for us was playing with you guys, and the community we built together. And after talking to a lot of you we realized that we’re not the only one who miss it, and we really don’t want to play with anyone else if we can choose to.
So after some long evenings and several rounds of discussions with both members and officers, and even more evenings of preparations, we are finally ready to announce that we are back and going for it again in Shadowlands!

We have located issues with how we ran the guild before, and we have taken steps to alleviate some of these problems, partly by dividing clear responsibilities among officers as well as by bolstering the officer team with more people, Throthnir and Hershi.
We have all committed to this, and we want to assure you that we are all in it for the long haul.
The current officer team consists of: Xethi, Ernski, Ocypode, Niaria, Hershi, Throthnir and Biffen.

We plan to use the way we ran the guild before as a blueprint, and to keep the same raiding days and philosophy, and to strive for the same goals. We want to do as well as possible with raiding mainly 2 days a week, and to be the best in our category, as well as keeping the friendly and social community and atmosphere that we have been able to build so far. That means we will continue to make sure new players fit into our team as a person as well as a player. And we respect that some people have more time on their hands than others, and that not everyone can match Oseri’s neck level.

Our raiding team for Shadowlands is already close to filled up, mostly with old VC members, and we are pumped to get going!

As you can see, we have also moved our website to http://violentcircus.com, which Throthnir has helped us renew!
It will mostly be used for kill posts/videos and applications, and we’ll move the rules/info/resources from the forum to to discord so it’s easier accessible for everyone.

We’ll reorganize discord for Shadowlands soon, so don’t be alarmed if you see some new colors, and we’ll add some more posts/details before release.

If you have any questions or ideas, if you want to join the team, don’t be shy to whisper an officer.

And I made this video to get everyone as excited as we are. Hope you like it!

See you in Shadowlands!